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RF Explorer -- RF Spectrum Analyzer

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An RF spectrum analyzer is used for designing and troubleshooting wireless systems. It is an amazing device because the data it provides is both powerful and useful. The good news is it's an easy device to use and and the data is easy to interpret. An RF spectrum analyzer is the tool of choice for troubleshooting wireless systems and devices -- it's the only instrument capable of measuring RF signals across a radio frequency spectrum.

An RF spectrum analyzer sweeps across all the frequencies within a particular range or frequency band and measures the strength of the transmitted RF signal at each frequency. The RF spectrum analyzer repeats its sweep over and over again. The result of each sweep is displayed and called an RF spectrum trace. Each peak in a spectrum trace represents a transmitted signal.

RF spectrum analyzers were first introduced in the early 1960's. Today they come in a variety of sizes and costs range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds. RF Explorer, RF Viewer and RigExpert are low-cost spectrum analyzers whose prices range from just a few hundred dollars down to $79 USD. Since cost is no longer a barrier to owning an RF spectrum analyzer, it's a valuable addition to anyone's toolbox.

Let RF Explorer Help Solve Your Problems Related To RF Interference

An RF spectrum analyzer is the instrument of choice for initially detecting and identifying sources of RF interference and then subsequently used to monitor the health of a wireless system. An RF spectrum analyzer is a basic tool used for observing transmitted radio frequency signals – and aids the user by providing a view into the local RF environment. This RF view can be used to help detect the presence of RF transmissions that are the source of interference. Armed with this information you can attempt to track down and eliminate the source of RF interference. Alternatively, you could choose to re-configure your own wireless gear to operate in a different freqency range of the RF spectrum that is less prone to RF interference from other wireless devices competing for bandwidth within the same frequency range.

RF Explorer

For Professionals, Aspiring Professionals & Amateurs

Regardless of your technical background, RF Explorer is a diagnostic tool you are bound to love. The combination of standalone, handheld operation and PC-based, data acquisition and analysis are unique in the market place.
Arocholl's commitment to quality and low-cost are unmatched -- you'll wonder how you ever got along without this device.


Several models to choose from that differ in the frequency range they support.

Portable Device

Light-weight and small in size, can operate as a stand-alone, handheld device. Internal, rechargeable battery provides up to 16 hrs+ of continuous run. LCD display of 128×64 pixels offers great visibility outdoors.

Data Interface (USB)

Using USB cable can connect to Windows PC running more sophisticated data acquisition and analysis software.


Comparable to RF spectrum analyzers that cost many times more. Excellent dynamic range, sensitivity, and resolution bandwidth.

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Wireless Pro Audio — RF Explorer Plus Clear Waves Software

Being surrounded by wireless devices and RF transmissions means that sources of RF interference and intermodulation distortion (IMD) can come from anywhere. In such a "hostile" RF environment there are diagnostic tools available to help us mitigate the negative affects of RF interference and IMD on our wireless audio gear and applications. RF Explorer plus Clear Waves software is a “game-changer” — the industry’s first product that includes both realtime RF spectrum analysis and intermodulation analysis. Clear Waves is a software / hardware product that provides precise, wideband RF spectrum scanning, visualization and channel coordination that is critical for success when working in a crowded RF environment.

Clear Waves